Ellen Tracy

Ellen Tracy is one of the world's most renowned fashion companies for women. Linda Allard is the celebrity designer famous for her sophisticated design. She creatively uses texture and colour to create her cosmopolitan, well-designed clothing. The Ellen Tracy Fashion Company began in 1960. The Ellen Tracy label is not just popular in the fashion industry for its well-designed clothing, but for creative and chic accessories as well. Ellen Tracy eventually branched in to the perfume making business, and was a smashing success. 

The Ellen Tracy label has become famous for its line of wonderful fragrances. Ellen Tracy perfumes are available throughout the United States and Canada. These exclusive perfumes are marketed in specialty and exclusive department stores and shops throughout these countries. The high-class perfumes produced by Ellen Tracy now encompass a wide variety of fragrances in an excellent diversity of scents and styles to suit any taste.

One of the Ellen Tracy best sellers is the florally feminine perfume named "Imagine". "Imagine" is a scent designed especially for women. It was first introduced to the public in 2003.  "Imagine' is a fragrance as fresh as springtime. Its floral and citrus scents are clean and crisp, with a feeling as young as springtime itself. How nice to wear a scent that surrounds you with the freshness of a spring day! Some reviewers have recommended this fragrance for the professional woman. It seems to compliment career wear, without detracting from the woman wearing the perfume. "Image" is subtle enough to wear for business and daytime wear. Its soft, feminine fragrance is highly recommended for daily wear. "Imagine" is a scent that will make a positive impression on anyone who experiences the fragrance.  Choose it for your signature perfume if you like scents that compliment, but do not overpower. "Imagine'" is packaged in a simple, elegant manner that compliments the perfume perfectly.  This perfume is housed in a stylish elliptical bottle topped with a silver tone ball cap.  The fragrance itself is an elegant pale blue colour that is popular this season, and matches many interior decors.

Another notable product in the line of Ellen Tracy perfume is the perfume "Inspire". "Inspire" is a more modern fragrance. "Inspire" was also designed with a woman in mind, and is the natural essence of femininity. It was formulated from the blend of crimson peony, blue iris, citron, and bergamot as top notes. It also has middle notes of gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle, and with muguet, bamboo, teak and sandalwood for its base notes. So "Inspire" smells very floral with pungent, exotic accents of herbs and incense. While "Imagine" has a more traditionally feminine, floral scent, "Inspire" has a flowery fragrance with a hint of the mystical orient to add interest. Choose "Inspire's" scent to grab and keep the interest of someone special, or someone you'd like to get to know better.

Next to explore is the Ellen Tracy Limited Edition perfume. This perfume is one of the most frequently purchased fragrances in the Ellen Tracy line. The unique aspect of the Ellen Tracy Limited Edition Perfume is that was designed for both men and women to wear and enjoy.  The Ellen Tracy Limited Edition perfume was first launched in 2000. One of the reasons this perfume is so desirable and in such demand with perfume lovers is its flowery scent. While all Ellen Tracy fragrances are recommended for daily wear, the Ellen Tracy Limited Edition perfume is especially recommended for creating romance. This exclusive fragrance is bound to create excitement and spice up your love life immensely.  Since both men and women can wear the Ellen Tracy Limited Edition fragrance, both sexes can enjoy the excitement it can create.

The Ellen Tracy Company is justifiably proud of its high quality, haute couture as well as its extravagant, luxurious perfume line. Ellen Tracy fragrances are 100 per cent authentic, which makes them more exclusives. There are no cheap knock offs that even come close to the excellence of the original Ellen Tracy scents. The ingredients that go into making an Ellen Tracy scent are of the very best quality. No expense is spared. Because Ellen Tracy perfumes are of such high quality and so popular as signature fragrances, they are in high demand. Therefore, they are expensive to own. Once you have tried Ellen Tracy perfumes, you will know that each drop is worth every penny you have spent.  Treat yourself to a luxurious bottle of heaven with an Ellen Tracy fragrance, and revel in the experience. You'll be glad you did.