Glass Perfume Bottles

CHRISTIAN DIOR, J'ADORE (Carmen Kass Advice 2000)

Perfume becomes a work of art as the perfume designer blends and melds fragrances in to the ideal perfume or cologne. Though a perfume could be stored in any type of bottle, any salesperson can tell you about the importance of presentation. Presentation is the way an item is packaged for sale. Presentation is also how a product looks. Presentation is extremely important in the world of perfume making and selling.  The glass perfume bottle sets the mood of the perfume. It should match the feeling or emotion meant to be evoked by the designer or perfumer. The glass perfume bottle attracts a person to it because of its uniqueness or beauty. For example, the bottle for a flowery perfume scent may be more ornate than the bottle for a masculine, clean scent. Another way to design a glass perfume bottle is to make it as eye-catching as possible. Artists design glass perfume bottles in the same way any work of art is designed. And glass perfume bottles are as collectable as many works of art can be.

Many of the artists designing glass perfume bottles believe that the glass itself challenges them to mould it into a beautiful and elegant shape. The artist becomes dedicated to bringing design and crafts together to produce a glass perfume bottle that will evoke emotion in all whom see it.

There are several standard types of glass perfume bottles. Glass perfume bottles also dispense their fragrances in several different ways. The first way a glass perfume bottle dispenses fragrance is by the use of a nozzle. Nozzles spray the gorgeous scent from the bottle on to your clothing and skin. Nozzles dispense small amounts of perfume at a time, so the use of excess perfume is avoided. There is a certain skill to applying perfume. Less is more. Most perfumes smell wonderful unless they are over applied. Start with a quick, short spray of perfume. While you can always add more scent, it is hard to remove too much scent. Overpowering fragrance is not a pleasant experience for anyone, and can make you or the people around you ill. In this case, you can have too much of a good thing.

Stoppers are also used for dispensing perfume. Stoppers are fancy lids that are frequently the focus of a glass perfume bottle's design. The stopper of a glass perfume bottle touches the perfume, and is placed on the wearer's skin. Some believe that stoppers allow the perfume wearer more control over the amount of fragrance used than does a spray nozzle.

Atomisers are popular when dispensing a fragrance from a glass perfume bottle. Atomisers have a ball attached to a nozzle. More perfume is dispensed if the ball is squeezed harder, so there is a bit of control of the amount of perfume dispensed by this type of spray nozzle. Atomisers are also associated with antique glass perfume bottles. Some collectors prefer the vintage look of an atomiser on a glass perfume bottle.
Glass perfume bottles are also moulded, hand blown and hand made, making the bottle more beautiful and collectable. A perfume designer has a host of bottle designs to from which to choose. Some of the best designs of glass perfume bottles have come from the noble artists, who can use their many talents to create the distinctive bottle necessary to appropriately house a perfume designer’s exquisite product. Also, the famous art glass designers of the world have designed glass perfume bottles that are art glass objects in and of themselves. Nina Ricci and Lalique Glass are just two of the art glass creators who have created art glass perfume bottles. These art glass perfume bottles are exceptionally collectable, and can cost as much if not more that the perfume they contained.

If you decide to collect glass perfume bottles, you have several decisions to make. Unless you have lots of room and have unlimited wealth, you will probably not be able to purchase every glass perfume bottle that you see and like. Therefore, you will need to choose a category or type of glass perfume bottle to specialise in collecting. Some favourite categories of glass perfume bottles to collect are colours, companies, and favourite fragrances Miniature glass perfume bottles are very popular collectables. Small collectables are always popular, because a collector can put more bottles in a smaller space.  Storage is not such an issue when collecting smaller items such as miniature glass bottles.

Antique glass perfume bottles are highly collectable. Some people collect a certain type of antique glass bottle, such as Josiah Wedgwood jasperware bottles. Others like to collect glass perfume bottles made in a specific period, such as Art Deco or Art Nouveau glass perfume bottles. Maybe the collector remembers a favourite perfume or perfume bottle that Grandmother treasured. They might choose to collect that type of bottle for the memories it evokes.

Glass perfume bottles get some of their value from packaging. If the glass bottle has its original packaging, it is more valuable than a bottle that does not. Also, hang tags, tokens or other accessories that were originally a part of the perfume's packaging make the glass perfume bottle more valuable and more collectable. Very old perfume bottles can be very valuable. Hand made perfume bottles, signed bottles, and glass perfume bottles made before the 1800s are worth a good deal of money. Aesthetic value can influence the value of a collectable glass perfume bottle as well. Aesthetic value is subjective, however, and a matter of opinion. Just because a glass perfume bottle may be the most beautiful one you have ever seen, you may not be able to get a high price for it if you sell it. You may not be able to buy the perfect specimen of a highly valuable perfume bottle, but you can buy the best example of that bottle possible as an addition to your collection. Whatever type of glass perfume bottle you decide to collect, do your research. Know makers and their marks, to avoid paying a genuine price for an imitation bottle. Search websites and local dealers and compare prices for the type of glass perfume bottles you like to collect. If a dealer wants a price much higher than your research, wait for a better deal. And EBay makes glass perfume bottle research easy. Point, click and see what is available to add to your collection. Compare prices on EBay to get a good idea of what you can expect to pay for that glass perfume bottle you've always wanted. Then decide whether you want to buy online or in person at an antique and collectable dealer. If you shop in person you can get an up close look at the bottle you want. Condition is important when collecting glass perfume bottles, as it is in collecting anything. Buy the bottle that is in the best condition you can afford. After all of this research, you will be an expert on your category of glass perfume bottles. You may even be able to sell them and make a profit at some time in the future.