Nothing Beats Brand Name Perfume


Treat yourself to a visit to your local brand name perfume counter. Rub a dab of that well-known marvellous, expensive perfume on your wrist. Enjoy the scent, and memorise it. Next, find the perfume at your local department or drug store. You will probably find a bottle of perfume that claims to smell exactly the same as your special expensive perfume, but at a fraction of the price. If you have ever tried an imitation perfume, you know that they really do not smell like the originals. Okay, perhaps the scents are somewhat similar. But there are some key differences in name brand perfumes that cannot be duplicated by less expensive imitations.

Brand name perfume is higher in quality. The ingredients are top notch, which makes the perfume smell better than an imitation. Also, the scent of name brand perfumes last longer when placed on the skin, making the more expensive perfume a better buy in the long run. Some people try to avoid brand name perfume because it can be expensive. Some brand name perfumes are so expensive that only very wealthy people can afford them. If you have a favourite brand name perfume fragrance, you may not be able to find a place for it in your budget. You may have no choice but to try an imitation.

Imitations of brand name perfumes may be as close as you can afford to come to that classic name brand perfume smell.  They may work for you if you've found one with a scent you enjoy. Hopefully your substitute fragrance will last a while, too. Imitation scents are well known for not lasting as long as the real scent. You and other people, though, will eventually notice that the imitation scents don't smell exactly same as brand name perfumes. Just because a perfume smells one way in the testing bottle doesn't mean that it will smell the same when mixed with your body chemistry. Name brand perfumes will stay closer to their intended scent, where imitations may or may not keep their intended fragrance. Also, Imitations have to be reapplied often, so the bottle of perfume you have purchased will soon be empty. While name brand perfumes have better ingredients, some imitation scents have a harsh smell when first applied. You may notice a headache or allergic reaction when using an imitation fragrance.  Brand name perfume does not have an allergic reaction nearly as often, because its formula contains the best ingredients. That is why you pay more for a brand name, excellent quality perfume. Quite simply, you get what you pay for.

It takes perfume companies years to create a new brand name perfume. Perfume scientists specialize in their craft, and do much research and many trials to create a new perfume. These scientists experimented for a long time before discovering a combination of scents that will make a new fragrance great. The high quality ingredients necessary to make a great new scent are expensive as well.  All these reasons are part of why a brand name perfume cost so much more than an imitation scent. Brand name perfume has more quality ingredients and is made with more care. Imitation scents try to get close to the scent of a brand name perfume, then rush it to market to make money. There is really no comparison in the two products. The name brand is just a better product.

Brand name perfume is not hard to find. You can find it in most department stores that carry high-end perfumes. Sometimes these department stores will have a special sale on a brand name perfume in order to get you to come in and try it. You can also buy brand name perfume on the Internet. But some dishonest merchants sell imitation scents packaged to look just like the brand name perfume. Be sure you are dealing with a reputable company before you buy perfume on the Internet, to avoid disappointment. Brand name perfume is truly the best quality perfume you can buy. If you are going to treat yourself to a fragrance, treat yourself to a great fragrance, not an imitation. The price you pay for the brand name fragrance you choose will be well worth the expense.