Choosing A Perfume

Anyone can choose a fragrance. The variety of scents created by the perfumers of the world is staggering. The trick is that there are so many sensational fragrances in the market that choosing one to wear might be difficult. Therefore, every woman may choose perfume she likes and wants to wear following her intuition, taste and personality. The only test she should do to find out if she likes the scent or not is to spray a bit of perfume on her skin. Some people buy a perfume or cologne because it smells good on someone else. Perfumes smell one way in the bottle, but when they are mixed with a person's body chemistry, a perfume can smell totally different. Your friend's fantastic perfume will not smell the same on you

Do not decide to buy the best-known brand of perfume or the most popular fragrance this year just because it is popular. To make a good choice, you should go to the perfumery or store that specialises in perfumes, early in the morning. Usually a person's sense of smell is more accurate in the morning. If you have cold, allergies, or are just plain tired safe the perfume shopping expedition for another day.

Try perfume on clean, non-perfumed skin. Use unscented soap and deodorant when dressing for your shopping trip. During one test you should try only up to three different fragrances. After trying three perfumes, your nose will not be able to recognize more scents. Do not smell the top of the bottle or its cap. The scent on the bottle cap may smell of alcohol instead of smelling accurately like the perfume. Perfume should also always be tried on your skin. Chemical reactions between your skin and the perfume may not change the scent much, or may drastically change the scent of the perfume.

When you spray perfume on your skin for the first time, wait for about thirty seconds until alcohol evaporates. The most accurate fragrance of the perfume mixed with your body chemistry will emerge after about 10 minutes. Then you will be able to find out what the top notes of perfume are. The top notes are highly volatile, evaporate quickly and do not last very long. Top notes will give the perfume its specific scent when it is first applied. The middle notes of a perfume will also influence the smell of the perfume for a long time, although not as long as the base notes.  The base notes have a profound influence on the fragrance blend. They are very long lasting. Base notes are the scents that last the longest in a perfume.  Base note essences come out 20 minutes to 2 hours after putting on the perfume. Base notes also fix other essences and give the perfume its staying power.  Base notes will be the scent that will stay the longest on your skin, which is why it is usually added first to the fragrance mixture.

A neutral smell, like sniffing coffee or coffee beans, will cleanse your nose of one perfume scent before trying another perfume. Consider buying a lighter perfume for daytime wear and a heavier, more dramatic perfume for eveningwear and special occasions. Also, be aware that more concentrated fragrances will last longer than less concentrated fragrances. The two types of fragrances that you will encounter while shopping for perfumes are eau de cologne and parfume. Eau de cologne is much less concentrated than parfume. It will not last as long as parfume but will be the same scent and cost much less.  Parfume lasts the longest of any type of fragrance because it has very concentrated levels of perfume oil. Parfume is also much more expensive than other types of fragrances because of this high concentration of scent. There are other types of fragrances that have varying degrees of fragrance concentration to meet your personal needs and please your pocketbook.

When you have decided which perfume to buy, buy the smallest bottle of it possible.  The expiration date of perfumes is usually up to three years from the manufacturing date. Even if you do not use your perfumes often, their scent may change as the perfume ages. Different fragrances are suitable for different age groups or for different occasions. For example, for a young woman, green or light floral scents are more suitable than oriental ones. Green perfumes smell like aromatic leaves or grass. But for evening events or dates you should wear heavier, more sensuous types of perfumes with woody aspects, to set a romantic mood.