How To Pick A Fragrance For The Man In Your Life

Do you have a man in your life that is impossible to buy for? Many of us do! They do not seem to have any discernable interests, and there is only so many ties, pairs of socks or packs of underwear that you can get them before it gets too ridiculous! One fantastic idea if you want to buy them something they will love is to choose a fragrance for them. Regardless of whether the man in question is you husband, boyfriend, friend, father or brother, and no matter what their age, they will likely want to look and smell their best (or perhaps they need to be pushed in that direction!). Buying them a nice, luxury fragrance will help them to achieve that. So, how do you go about choosing the right fragrance for them?

Find out what they currently use

Many men have an aversion to buying what they perceive as “beauty products“ for themselves. Modern men are more into fashion and taking care of themselves, but for many there is still a stigma attached to making these types of purchases. So the man in your life might not currently use any sort of fragrance at all! However, they will likely have some aftershave or deodorant lying around that they use regularly. Be sneaky! Find what they use and smell it, to see what sort of scent they have gone for with these everyday products. This will help you to discover what sort of scent they are attracted to. If it is strong, then you will know to shop for heavy fragrances. If it is light and clean then you will know to shop for fresh, crisp fragrances.

Consider their personality

What do you know of their personality? Are they a sporty type, an intellectual, a dreamer, a romantic, a pragmatist? Defining what sort of person the man in your life is will make it easier to find the perfect fragrance for them. Armed with this knowledge you can hit your fragrance retailer to enlist their help. The staff at these stores are trained to know what sort of fragrance will suit what personality type, and so you can use this knowledge to your advantage. When you visit the retailer, let them know what sort of person the man in your life is, and what sort of scent you have covertly discovered that they currently use. The staff should be able to give you some good ideas!

Different types of scent

There are several different types of scent that you will be looking at with men’s fragrances. The choice between these again comes down to personality. There are woody fragrances for the serious gentlemen, which conjure up images of old leather chairs and tobacco pipes in the library. These are heavy, masculine scents that are for men who like to be strong and suave. Exotic oriental fragrances are a bit lighter than woody fragrances, though they are still quite heady and will make an impact. Mainly for men who like to be sexy and noticed, they are not for men who like to fade into the background! Citrus fragrances are generally the lightest of men’s scents, and contain fresh ingredients such as orange, lemon and lime. These fragrances would suit sporty types of men, those who love nature and the outdoors. These are the three main scents that you will be choosing from, however there are also many crossover scents that you can select from that combine elements from two or more of the main fragrances.

Other products to consider

If you have made a fragrance purchase for the man in your life, you might also want to consider some complimentary products to match. These will be things like body wash and deodorant that will compliment the scent of the fragrance, rather than overpowering or detracting from it. If the man in your life is a “metrosexual“ you might even be able to purchase a body lotion or something similar. All of these products will help to maximize the effect of the fragrance so that the man in your life gets the most out of your wonderful gift.

It can sometimes be very difficult to find the perfect gift for a man. However, as we have discussed, fragrance can be the answer to that problem! Whether they are a fashionable “metrosexual“, or just a regular man, any male can benefit from having a great fragrance at their disposal. If you are considering this as a gift it is important that you put some thought into it to ensure that you find the best scent for your loved one. And just think that as long as they have the fragrance, every time they put it on they will think of you and your generosity!