Designer Perfumes

Calvin Klein "Obsession" Commercial

Clothing designers sometimes also make fragrances. These designers are interested in creating unique scents that are similar in spirit to their clothing designs. Designer perfumes are also created to suit people of various styles and tastes. Each particular designer perfume has its own brand names and prices. Before you search for a designer perfume that matches your style, you need to be able to afford the perfume you choose. Some perfumes are priced only for the rich and famous. Think about your personal style. Are you a person who is feminine and traditional? If so, you may want to choose a more traditional, floral fragrance. Are you a person who works in the business world? Then you might want to choose a scent that is subtle enough to suit the workplace and coordinate with your business attire. Some scents are created to be worn during the day. Others are meant to be worn for dates and special occasions. Are you a romantic? Then choose a fragrance with pungent overtones of musk or incense scents such as sandalwood. Musk and incense scents hint at mystery and sexiness, and create a certain interest that could lead to romance. Romantic designer perfumes are sometimes especially made for eveningwear.

There are various pointers to look for in the search for a designer perfume. Some of the top designer perfume brands are listed here. These designer perfume designs widely popular and within a reasonable price range. These designer perfumes can be found at better stores and vendors that sell high quality merchandise. Sometimes you can find designer perfumes on the Internet or EBay as well. If you decide to buy on line, know your perfumer. Some retailers sell cheap knock offs as the real perfume.
 These are some of the highest selling, most popular designer perfume brands available today.

Christian Dior’s “Dolce Vita"

Christian Dior created the perfume "Dolce Vita" in 1996. This perfume became an instant sensation in the fragrance world. "Dolce Vita" means "Sweet Life'" in Italian. This title is very appropriate for a designer perfume scent made especially for women. Though it was launched as far back as 1996,  "Dolce Vita" remains one of Dior's top selling brands. It has a mélange of sharp and woody scents, but "Dolce Vita" retains its distinct feminine nature. The scents prevalent are peach, apricot, cinnamon, rose among others. The fruity and floral smells give "Dolce Vita" its appeal to women. Christian Dior exquisitely created "Dolce Vita" for use during the day, so wear "Dolce Vita" to work with your business attire.

Calvin Klein's "Obsession"

Calvin Klein developed this fragrance especially for men. As the name implies, "Obsession" is the designer perfume made for romance. It is also the one perfume that is also consistently ranked in the most popular and best of designer perfumes. "Obsession" designer perfume radiates with the essence of masculinity to attract attention from the opposite sex. "Obsession" is made of a variety of mixtures of spices such as rare woods and botanicals. Please note the absence of floral highlights in this male-inspired designer perfume. Other scents add to the masculine emphasis of "Obsession." These scents include lemon, fern, and amber among other fragrances. Due to the nature of these captivating blends this perfume is recommended for romantic wear. It may also be more appropriate for eveningwear.

Burberry "London"

Although the Burberry clothing store heritage is quite old, the Burberry "London" designer perfume is a fairly recent fragrance. It has a long lasting scent and this will be a unique addition to any perfume collection. Though the website does not state whether the fragrance is for men or women, it is probably more likely to be worn by men. Top notes of this dynamic fragrance are bergamot, black pepper, lavender and cinnamon. Heart notes for "London" are leather, mimosa and port wine. And finally, the base scents for this perfume are tobacco, guaiac wood, oak moss and soft opoponax. Because this fragrance has some strong, herbal elements, the Burberry "London" designer perfume is recommended for casual wear. And packaged in a plaid inspired bottle, "London" would make an excellent gift.

Chanel "Chance"

This is one of the flagship designer perfumes from the Chanel Company. This perfume is exclusively for women. It has a fragrance replete with aroma of flowers. The plants used in creating the perfume and citrus and jasmine. The company states that this designer perfume is suitable for daytime use. These options are a few of the many options designer perfume options available to the perfume. Designer perfumes come in excellent quality fragrances with prices ranging from about $74 to $900. The variety of fragrances available is vast, so you are sure to find a perfume you like in a price range you can afford. So spend a very enjoyable shopping trip exploring the world of fine designer perfumes. You are worth it!