What You Need To Know About Fragrances Direct

If you want to get a great new fragrance, but do not want to pay the huge price tag, then you should look at buying fragrances direct. Fragrance is an important part of many people’s beauty routine, whether they are men or women, and it something that many will not be persuaded to give up! However, just because you deem it as a necessary luxury, there is no reason why you have to pay those huge department store prices for them! These days it has never been easier to be a canny shopper and to find a bargain on any sort of product. This is definitely true with fragrances, and there are several avenues that you can take to snatch up a great fragrance bargain.

Buying fragrances directly from the supplier

When you buy fragrances direct, what you are doing is purchasing from the wholesaler or supplier, rather than from a retailer. This means that you are “cutting out the middle man“ and that is why you can find fragrances at much cheaper prices by taking this avenue. When a retailer sells you a product, they have had to factor many things into the price that they sell it to you at. It starts of with their “buy cost“ – this is the price that they have purchased the unit for from their supplier or wholesaler. On top of this there are several more things to factor in, such as the rent for their store, the electricity, insurance, wages for staff and any other expenses. This is what is known as the “floor cost“. On top of this floor cost they then have to add on a suitable profit for their store. So, by the time a product has gone from a wholesaler to a retailer and then to you, it has had a lot of expense added onto it! By buying direct and cutting out the retailer, you will be able to save all that extra added-on expense. Many people lately have cottoned on to this idea, and there is a big group of consumers who spend a lot of time shopping at wholesalers and warehouses, rather than wasting time and money in a retail store. Perhaps not everything is available to be purchased through this avenue, but whatever you can get will save you money, so it is worth looking into!

Fragrances direct online

The fastest and easiest way to find fragrances direct from the supplier is to look online. There are many sites that you can visit to find perfumes and colognes at very cheap prices. If you search for “fragrances direct“ you will be able to find web sites that will sell you major brand name fragrances, at a fraction of the price. Some of these sites offer fragrances at up to 80% off, so you can find a real bargain if you take the time to search! The bonus about online fragrance direct sites is that they have much less outlay than a physical store – there is less sales staff wages to pay and so on, and because of this they can pass on even more savings directly to you. Fragrance direct sites are usually divided up into categories to make it easier for you to search for the brand or type of fragrance that you are looking for. Then it is just a matter of entering your credit card details – it really is as easy as that! You will often not need to wait very long for your purchase to arrive, especially if you order from a company that is close to where you live. Although, you could order from somewhere far away, even overseas, and still have your fragrance in a relatively short time, given how fast items can be sent from one place to another using specialized air mail.

Fragrances direct retail

There is also the option when you are looking for fragrances direct from the supplier, to visit a warehouse or wholesale retail shop. This is a good idea if you are unsure of the brand or type of fragrance that you want, because there will likely be facilities for testing different types within the shop. There will also be staff there who can help you and make suggestions for brands that you should try. It is often useful to have this sort of interaction when you are trying to make a purchasing decision, so if you think you might need this then you should get up and hit one of these shops! The prices in a retail shop might be higher than if you buy online, as they will have to pay staff wages, higher rent and so on, and these higher costs will have to be added onto the products. However, you will still be paying much less than if you shopped at a department store or boutique, so you are still winning in the long run!