The Most Luxurious Women’s Fragrances

The world of women’s fragrances is big business! There are hundreds of companies out there all vying for their slice of the market, which grows every day. At the top of this market are a handful of companies who are offering the height of luxury in their fragrances to women who care about the finer things in life. These fragrances come from some of the top fragrance makers and fashion houses in the world, and have to be smelled to be believed! Some companies have been in the business for years, and are constantly striving to improve on what they do. Major fashion houses, top perfume companies and celebrity entrepreneurs are all getting in on the luxury fragrance game, looking to provide you with the most beautiful scents on the planet.

Clive Christian – the world’s most luxurious perfume!

Clive Christian, from England, is a millionaire furniture maker. Some time ago he purchased a perfume business and set about making the worlds best perfume. His “Clive Christian #1“ tops the list of the most luxurious perfume in the world – and has the Guinness World Record to prove it! The fragrance is made from incredibly rare and expensive ingredients, and is released as a very small batch every year – normally 1000 bottles of the men’s and 1000 bottles of the women’s fragrance. For the privilege of wearing this perfume, you will have to pay upwards of $2,000! Or, if you are feeling especially extravagant, you can splash out on the limited edition bottle, which is set with stunning diamonds, and will cost you upwards of $200,000! “Clive Christian #1“ is easily the most luxurious perfume out there!

Still feeling extravagant?

If you baulk at spending quite so much on a bottle of perfume, there are still other fragrances that you can purchase that are luxurious and fashionable. You can purchase the classic “Chanel No. 5“ by fashion house Chanel in a 15.2oz bottle for around $1900. This is a scent that has been loved my millions of women for decades, including stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman. It is a beautiful, classic scent sure to set you apart. Similarly, for around $1500, you can buy a small bottle of Annick Goutal’s “Eau d’Hadrien“ or Hermes’ “24 Faubourg“. Either of these fragrances have a stunning scent and will make you come across as very fashionable.

Other luxury fragrances

You certainly don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to indulge in a luxury fragrance! There are plenty of fragrances that are available at a more reasonable price, but are still very fashionable. Most of the major fashion houses around the world have released their own fragrance lines, and most of these scents are beautiful and of a very high quality. Think Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Hugo Boss – designers that make you look good AND smell good! These designers make their living by helping you to be more attractive and to boost your self-esteem. Fragrance has a singular way of making a woman feel good, since smell is so strongly associated with emotions. A great luxury fragrance will help to lift you up if you are feeling down, or give confidence for that big event.

Celebrity luxury fragrances

One more recent trend is for celebrities to release their own range of perfumes. This trend has been very successful for some, with celebrities adding to their allure with great, luxury fragrances. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker have released very popular fragrances in the past few years. Both of these stars worked hard to create a classy, luxury perfume to match their image and status, and both received incredible success with their releases. Some celebrities have been less successful with the image of their fragrances, such as Paris Hilton, who’s name has not been synonymous with class and whose perfumes are not widely viewed as being luxurious.

Luxury is something that many of us strive for. It is important to many people to be comfortable in their lives and to have nice things surrounding them. They look for designer clothes, expensive furniture, luxury cars, designer make-up and sky-high couture stilettos. Also on this list is luxury perfume. Those in the know are aware that scent plays a big part in how you appear to others, and that the wrong scent can leave a very bad impression on people who you might be trying to impress. Ensuring that you always smell nice is important – and this can easily be achieved with a luxury fragrance. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on the world’s most expensive fragrances, but a luxury fragrance by a top company is likely to make a very big difference to your image.