Men’s fragrance – The Height Of Fashion!

These days there is more to men’s fashion than the traditional business suit. In times past the only thing that men needed was a nice suit and they were set as far as fashion went! In recent years, however, there has been the emergence of the “metrosexual“ – that is, a man who cares about fashion and takes care of his appearance. Metrosexuals stay in touch with current fashions, and whatever their tastes they dress in style. They will usually use face and body products – no more washing with a cheap bar of soap! However, one does not have to be a metrosexual to discover one of the best products for men – fragrance.

The importance of scent

The sense of smell is very important to both men and women. It helps us to recall memories associated with a scent, or it helps us to form new ones. Smell can be a very, very powerful thing! Women in particular tend to notice how a man smells, and their opinion of him can be formed from this one simple thing. All it takes is one bad day, and a woman you are interested in might be turned off you for life! Men have been using fragrance for centuries to help to counteract this problem. However, in our time it is much easier to find a great fragrance for any personality type and any budget than it has been in the past. Men everywhere are discovering how much the fragrance they wear can have an effect on their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Splashing out on a luxury fragrance

If you really want to make an impression, there is a large range of luxury fragrances designed for men. Whereas the men’s section of fragrances used to be quite small, it has grown steadily over the years, with almost every fragrance manufacturer releasing their own range for men. Almost all of the top fashion houses such as Gucci, Givenchy and Ralph Lauren have large fragrance lines for both sexes, and build on their range for men all of the time. Often, these labels release a fragrance for women, with a complimentary fragrance for men – this way, couples can both smell good together! Luxury fragrances can be quite expensive, but they are also very high quality. The scent will last you for hours and the one bottle should do you for a few months if you use it wisely.

You don’t have to break the budget!

If you want to smell good, you do not necessarily have to break the bank to buy a luxury fragrance. There are a large range of discount or budget fragrances available to men. If you look for wholesale providers of fragrances, then you might be able to snap up a bargain on a luxury fragrance. Or, you might like to settle for a lesser-known brand that is more suited to your budget. Keep in mind that the cheaper the fragrance, generally the lower in quality it is, so try to get the best fragrance that you can with the money you have.

Matching your personality

When you are buying a fragrance, the aim is to find something that matches your personality. This can be harder than it seems! There are a lot of scents to choose from, and you might have to try a few before you find the right one. It is a good idea to chat to the consultant at the store you buy your fragrance from. They can tell you the ingredients and the effect of each fragrance you are interested in, and this might help you to decide what would be right for you. There is a big difference between the effect each fragrance will have. Woody tones, floral tones, heavy scent, light scent – these will all create a different aura around you when you wear them. So try to choose wisely!


It is important to remember that your fragrance will not be the only scent that you wear. You will also (hopefully!) be wearing deodorant on a daily basis, and possibly moisturizer or other types of body products. Try to keep this in mind when you are choosing your fragrance. All of your products will need to compliment each other or else you risk overpowering others with a strange mix of smells! If possible, try to buy all of your products from the same brand or the same range, that way you know that they will carry the same tones.

If you are a man who cares about the way he appears to others, then you should definitely be paying attention to your scent. It might be invisible, but smell plays a big part in your appearance and your attractiveness. Making sure you are wearing a good-quality fragrance that suits your personality is the best way to ensure that you are always looking and smelling good to others!