How To Make Your Fragrance Work For You!

The sort of fragrance that you wear can have a very big impact on the way that people react to your presence. Too much fragrance and you might be perceived as overpowering, too little and you might not be noticed. Just as disastrous can be wearing a fragrance that does not suit your personality. Scent is a very powerful thing and it is something that you need to teach yourself to get right. Scent can be closely tied to the emotional centers of the brain, and the last thing you want is to induce a negative reaction in the people around you!

Discovering your fragrance

Working out what perfume to buy can be a big task. There are literally thousands of types to choose from, all with different ingredients and different claims. It can definitely be easy to get lost in all that choice! However, there are ways to make this job easier for you. The first thing that you need to do is to educate yourself on the different types of fragrances out there. The four main types of fragrance are floral, oriental, woody and citrus. A floral fragrance uses flowers as it’s main ingredient and will smell like a big bunch of flowers to other people. Florals are best for women who like to be soft and feminine. Oriental fragrances are more mysterious, with ingredients derived from exotic locations. They suit women who like to be sexy and intriguing. Woody fragrances are very strong and heady, using ingredients that conjure up images of leather and old-world charm. They are for women who like to be strong and very powerful. Conversely, citrus fragrances are very light and fresh, and take their ingredients from fruit. Citrus suits women who like to be light and playful, and not too serious. When you know what sort of basic scent suits your personality, it will make the task of choosing a fragrance much easier!

How to wear your fragrance

Many people think that wearing a fragrance means just squirting some on in the morning. However, there is much more to it than that. For a start, you need to be aware of how much fragrance you are wearing. If you have ever choked up around someone with too much perfume on, then you will know that too much is definitely not a good thing! Too little is also not a good thing, as the scent can get lost during the day. You want to aim for a few good sprays strategically placed around your body. Perfume should be placed on key spots on your body for maximum effect – these include your neck, behind your ears, your wrists and the back of the knees. Many people do not think of spraying their perfume on the back of their knees, but this will give you the great effect of fragrance wafting up when you walk. You might also want to spray a little in your hair so that the scent comes out when you move your head. By placing your fragrance on these key spots you will maximize the effect that your perfume creates.

The layering effect

Taking the time to layer your fragrance is the best way of getting the most out of the scent. You can do this by purchasing complimentary products such as moisturizers and body washes that add to the scent that you are wearing. Many of the major perfume companies offer a range of complimentary products with their perfumes so that you can easily achieve this effect. However if you perfume does not have a matching range of products, you can still achieve the effect on your own. The first thing to do is to discover what the main ingredient in your perfume is. For example it might be based on vanilla, or jasmine. Then, look for other products that also list this as their main ingredients. You should keep your eye out for body lotions, body washes, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and deodorants that will compliment your fragrance. Using this method will help to keep you smelling great all day, and you will likely find that it enhances the impact that your scent has on others.

Making your fragrance work for you involves more than just splashing it on when you think about it! Once you have discovered the right scent for you there are ways that you can amplify it’s effect, such as those listed above. If you consider how powerful scent is and how much your fragrance says about you, then it makes sense to ensure that you make the most of what you have. This is the best way to promote the image that you want to portray to others, and you will likely notice a change in how others perceive you.