Truth about Perfume Smell

By Tom Turner

Most people care about what they smell like. We bathe regularly and wear clean clothes, but we still add the foo foo. Perfume smell can not only make you smell good, but it can make you feel confident too. If you know you look your best and you smell your best, then why not feel confident. Perfume smell can set an atmosphere no matter where you are. Haven't you ever been in a store and someone walks past you. You may have not even looked at the person, but their perfume smell got your attention. This article will talk about the truth concerning perfume smell and how it can be effective.

I'm sure there are certain people you can think of right now, that have a certain perfume smell they wear all the time. You would recognize it anywhere. Maybe it is someone very special to you and every time you get a whiff of that particular perfume smell, it makes you feel good inside. It may bring a comforting feeling and a sense of security. It can also work the opposite. A certain perfume smell can bring back bad memories or fearful times. No matter which case, it is a fact that perfume smell can effect the way we feel.

Perfume smell has been around for a very long time and was first discovered in Egypt. It wasn't until the 18th century that France was introduced to the perfume smell. The French have taken over the industry. French perfume is very well known and very expensive. Many cultures today recognize perfume as sensual and romantic. Perfume smell is popular with young and old alike. You can pay a little or a lot for a bottle of perfume and many times it is given as a gift.

There are many different fragrances to choose from with many different price ranges. Perfume smell can be found in about everything we use for house cleaning, laundry, bathing, and candles. Perfume smell can change the atmosphere in a room very quickly as once we inhale a fragrance; it triggers an emotion in our senses. There are perfume smells that can make you feel peaceful and relaxed or some that make you feel like you are outdoors, and there are some that cause romantic feelings to appear. It doesn't matter what mood you are feeling, there is a perfume smell that can please your senses.

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