Prada Perfume

Prada is an Italian fashion designer of haute couture clothing and accessories. Prada is named after its designer, Mario Prada. Mario Prada's elegant fashions from his Prada fashion house are famous and very popular throughout the world. Prada is so famous it is nearly a household word. A year after its foundation Prada gained immense popularity and came to be known on the world stage. Many in that fashion world consider the name Prada to be synonymous with the concept of high fashion. Like many of the haute couture fashion houses, Mario Prada decided to move from fashion and accessory design to the creation of exclusive, high quality fragrances. Today, Prada perfumes are sold everywhere in Italy and most of the rest of the world.

Prada fragrances and perfumes are marketed only in exclusive, high fashion stores. Though anything made by Prada is expensive, Prada's products are so unique and well made that they are worth the investment. Prada offers fragrances for both men and women to enjoy, with a visionary array of types of perfumes for any taste or personal style. Prada is at the forefront of designer perfumers, and stays in that impressive position because of the high art of their scents.

Prada Perfume is the cornerstone of the Prada line of designer fragrances. Prada perfume was also the first of the line of high style perfumes offered by the Prada Company. Since its inception, Prada perfume has been the standard to which other perfumes are compared. It took Prada's top fragrance designers nearly three years to develop the distinct Prada fragrance. Max Gavarry and Carlos Benaa and their expert staff created Prada's amber perfume.  The effort of this expert team is the reason Prada perfume is the exclusive, luxurious product that leads the world in the perfumers’ art.

Prada bases its perfume concepts on respect for the ancient perfumers’ art. This respect for the best of the basics of fragrance design is combined with a modern vision that makes Prada perfume unique and hard to define. It is formulated from the combination of sandalwood oil, patchouli lead, labdanum and benjui. All perfumes are made with three characteristics called notes. There is a top note, middle note, and base note. These are the three main scents that blend to make a perfume have a unique smell.  Prada perfume also is formulated with the typically three notes in mind. Because of the complicated, incomparable fragrance, describing the notes of the perfume may be as close as anyone can come to a description of Prada perfume.

The top notes include Bergamot Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Mandarin Oil, Sicily, and Mimosa Absolute. The middle notes include Rose Absolute, Schimus Molle Absolute, and Patchouli Oil. At the same time the base notes include Labdanum Resinoid, Sandalwood Oil, Benzoin, Siam Resinoid, and Tonka Bean Absolute. It is these authentic ingredients and high quality notes that actually that make Prada Perfume truly excellent and long lasting.

"Prada for Men" and "Prada for Women" are the basis of the Prada perfume line. "Prada for Women" has a woody, oriental aspect that makes it distinctive. Its combination of classic scents and modern accents combine to give "Prada for Women" a glorious, singular fragrance to claim as their own. Ingredients used to give "Prada for Women" its wonderful essence are Bergamot Oil Italian, Orange Oil, Mandarin Flower, Mimosa India, Rose Absolute ABS, Schimus Molle ABS LMR Balsam, Patchouli Oil LMR, Raspberry Flower, Labdanum Resinoid LMR, Tonka Bean ABS LMR, Vanilla Absolute, Musk, and Sandalwood Oil. "Prada for Women" is bottled for perfect presentation in a classic rectangular glass container with an atomiser to dispense the luxurious perfume. The perfume itself is a light pink feminine colour. "Prada for Women" is the essence of both classical and modern femininity.

'Prada for Men" is based on oriental scents that add the mystery of the secret of the Orient to your man's scent. Amber is the basis of the masculine fragrance. The developers knew that both men and women appreciate a clean scent when they combine amber with the clean scent of barber's soap. While "Prada for Men" is as difficult to describe as any other of the distinctive Prada fragrances a list of ingredients might help you decide if "Prada for Men" is the scent for you. "Prada for Men" includes the following scent notes: Bergamot Oil, Mandarin Oil, Cardamom Oil, Labdanum Resin, Patchouli Leaves, Tonka Beans, Vanilla Geranium, Vetiver, Neroli, Virvanolide, Orange Blossom, Myrrh, Saffron, Sandalwood and Suede. It has been described by some reviewers as masculine and sensual.

Prada perfumes and fragrances are for the discriminating fragrance collector. The Prada fragrance line is dedicated to combining the artistry of yesteryear with the contemporary concepts of today to give you, the customer, an exciting perfume experience.